Saturday, March 06, 2010

in with the in crowd, sesame street version. I'm not sure this is the same one I'm remembering; i thought i saw sesame street doing the song i know as a mamas and papas tune but boingboing says is a sam the sham song. roxy music version. bryan ferry version. highland cattle version. mama cass station at last.fm. (ok, the mamas and papas one is "in crowd", sam's is the out crowd, sesame street put them together.
Unrelated in crowd song by Nellie McKay at Ted conference. speaking of the ted conference, I haven't linked to moot's talk there last month yet. Plan to edit this post when i find it. Nellie is singing in the style of Blossom Dearie. Here she is doing someone to watch over me.
Nellie McKay the very thought of you

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