Monday, April 19, 2010

I need to write a little book about a bird and a bunny who explain how Mayor Ballard is causing air pollution by making landowners replace flowers and prairie with lawn and blacktop.

City's children's book carries clean-air message
Mayor Greg Ballard today shared the clean-air banter between a blue bird and a brown bunny.
"Too much pollution in the air is unhealthy," said the bird sitting on a tree branch. "It makes it hard to breathe."
"Oh my," responded the bunny from the green ground below blue, cloudy skies. "I don't want to pollute the air. How can I help?"
The Indianapolis leader read the children's book "Air Schmair" to kindergartners and first-graders at a Near Northside private school, one of the mayor's charter facilities.
Indianapolis Knozone, a 14-year program to educate people about ways to cut air pollution, published the book. Knozone is the same group that issues alert when the air quality is dangerous.
Indianapolis business SPG Graphics printed the book, and Miles Design created the design, said mayor's spokeswoman Paula Freund.
"The cost was $9,065 for 5,000 books," Freund said in an e-mail. "This was funded by a federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Grant, which comes from the Federal Highway Administration."
Schools, libraries and other organizations will be recipients of one of the 5,000 copies of the paperback. Employees of Northwestside-based Brightpoint Americas, a distributor of wireless devices, will deliver the storybooks.
The tale ends with the bird giving the bunny some advice.
"If your family is going somewhere nearby, walk instead of driving," the bird said. "On trips across town, try carpooling. And don't burn your trash or your leaves. That just puts more pollution in the air."
"I can do that," the rabbit responded.

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