Monday, May 10, 2010

review at boing boing of i-ramen.net
billstewart • #36 • 13:09 on Tue, Apr. 6 • Reply
Unfortunately, most of the packaged ramens use palm oil - if you google "palm oil orangutan" you'll find lots of references to how the palm oil industry is concentrated in the only habitats for orangutans, and is a serious threat to their existence. So check out the ingredients when you buy noodles, and pick one without palm oil.
That'll also encourage you to try lots of flavors of Asian noodle soups, at least if you've got Asian grocery stores around; I've been alternating between spicy Korean flavors and milder flavors which I can add lots of mushrooms and other veggies to, and cooking ramen takes about the same time as boiling an egg, so you can crack an egg into the pot to cook on top of the noodles.

from /ck/
Someone as clumsy as me shouldn't be cooking, and yet...
My most recent was my worst. I was baking mini pizzas on a comal (we lost our stone somewhere) and I absently grabbed a slightly damp towel like "hurr durr it's only two feet from the oven to the rack", which was plenty of time for it to bite me in the ass. It steam burned my palm, which turned into two blisters, and me being the dumbass I am, I dropped the whole caboodle in a panic and the sauce splattered on my legs, which sloughed off skin and caused blisters. Shit sucks. I got some cool scars though. I tell people I wrestled a shark.

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