Monday, August 09, 2010

agony column. answer is 100 times better than than the usual bla bla seek counseling bla bla bla.
i also liked #45, about the kangaroo.
and #44, a street kid named desire.
#33: http://www.femaleclitoralstimulationtechniques.com/index.html
Option 2: Visit the web site: http://www.wwoofusa.org/ and become a member. It only costs $20. You will then have access to more than a thousand organic farms in the United States that provide free meals and housing in exchange for work. You can go from one place to the next until you figure out where you want to be, geographically-speaking. You’ll meet all kinds of really funky people and learn about ecological farming practices. You’ll eat incredibly fresh vegetables and very possibly get laid in a barn.

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