Sunday, May 15, 2011

News from yahoo. Newspeak from yahoo yahoos.
We will officially discontinue Blogs, Photos and Guestbook in Yahoo! Pulse
This is in an effort to make our service a relevant experience for the community.

We will be turning Yahoo! Pulse Blogs, Photos and Guestbook into read-only in phases starting as of May 16, 2011. You will still be able to read your friends entries and photos. We will be providing a download tool for you to save your content.
From May 16 till July 16, 2011, your blog content will be available for download and you will still be able to read your friends entries and photos.
At this time, we will provide a download tool for you to begin saving your content. In the meantime, we are working to get your photos and guestbook content ready as well and will provide updates on downloading timing shortly.
Questions?If you have questions about these changes, please visit the Yahoo! Pulse help pages.
We are continuously improving your experience on Yahoo! Pulse. Stay tuned!

Once upon a time I used to participate in online discussion groups at onelist, which was then bought by egroups, which was then bought by yahoo. Yahoo took various steps to destroy the tools that had made onelist a social networking site long before facebook. I noticed today it is taking some next steps to "improve your experience", by burning everyone's blogs and pictures.

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