Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ted is an upcoming movie by seth mcfarlan about a guy whose teddy bear has come to life.
Marky mark wahlberb, mila kunis, patric warburton, joel mchale, giovanni ribisi.
it filmed in april so it's probably a year away from release by universal.
my teddy bear, g.t.bear (gummi the bear), was not alive exactly, but had a personality, went on adventures, got mail, got email (which he let me share), talked us into going to law school, as part of his plan to someday own a ferrari. didn't quite work out, but was worth a shot. currently gt stays with my ex in kentucky, and doesn't get out much.
needs a new suit and some reupholstering. my other bear, mugwump, still goes to work with me after 30 years. he doesn't have much fur left. but mugwump was never as rambunctious or ego-driven as g.t.

Ted seems a bit like wilfred, which i'm watching on hulu, not sure yet whether i like. wilfred it sort of like fight club, but instead of brad pit it's a dog. my tenants at the other house have cable, so yesterday i watched a bit of ferris beuler, watching from the perspective of the idea that ferris isn't real and cameron is imagining everything.

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