Thursday, September 29, 2011

DARK TANGOS (2011) Info PDF "Not only a great entertainment, but a meditation on the true meaning of justice."
SAY GOODBYE (1999) Info PDF "The Citizen Kane of rock and roll novels."
SLAM (1990) Info PDF "Plot twists worthy of Thomas Pynchon."
GLIMPSES (1993) Info PDF A "surreal and riveting ode to the sixties."
FRONTERA (1984) Info PDF "Hard-edged and colorful and relentless."
OF THE HEART (1988) Info PDF "A taut political thriller and a transcendent apocalyptic fantasy."
BLACK & WHITE (2008) Info PDF "Both a page-turner and an urban documentary with a big, fierce heart."
http://www.fictionliberationfront.net/ Lewis Shiner

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