Saturday, February 11, 2012

found this list on reddit:
More shortcuts that some don't know: (these have been updated)
SHIFT + DEL deletes something permanently, no recycle bin. (Windows)
CTRL + ENTER opens a folder in a new window. (Windows)
CTRL + ESC opens start menu. (Windows, this works on remote access)
COMMAND + SPACE opens up the spotlight search thing at the top right (Mac)
You can also simple calculations there!
Windows Key + TAB is a cooler version of ALT + TAB (Win7 & Vista)
CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER will run the highlighted program with administrative rights (Win7)
Ex: Start menu -> search "cmd" -> key combination -> cmd as root user!
BACKSPACE goes up a folder when browsing. (Your PC not reddit)
BACKSPACE goes "back" on almost all internet explorers.
fn + BACKSPACE deletes the character after the cursor (Mac, like Windows's Delete)
CTRL + L goes to the address bar on many internet browsers.
F6 also goes to address bar
ALT + ENTER while in address bar opens in new tab, leaving current untouched
CTRL + T opens a new tab.
CTRL + TAB goes to next tab in -> direction
CTRL + # (Number) goes to #'th tab in your browser
CTRL + W closes current tab
CTRL + click opens link in new tab
ALT + click equivalent to right click -> save target as (downloads link location)
CTRL + - zooms out of the web page
CTRL + = zooms into the page (= is the button with + on it)
CTRL + 0 returns original zoom
On mac, these combinations still work, but some are with COMMAND instead of CTRL
COMMAND + right/left jumps to beginning/end (Mac, similar to home/end on Windows)
Here's one VERY few know.
Most keyboard shortcuts everywhere are reversed if you add shift.
ALT + TAB goes -> in list, ALT + SHIFT + TAB goes <-
Backspace goes back in internet browsers, SHIFT + BACKSPACE goes forwards
CTRL + T opens a new tab, CTRL + SHIFT + T re-opens the most recently closed tab
CTRL + TAB goes to -> tab, CTRL + SHIFT + TAB goes to <- tab
TAB goes to next item on page, SHIFT + TAB goes to previous
and so on so forth...
Will update if I find some more.

Edit: (updates)
CTRL + SHIFT + DEL also opens the task manager [KanadaKid19]
COMMAND + OPTION + ESC opens the Force Quit Menu (Mac) [NSAgent]
CTRL + SCROLL zooms in/out [rosetta_stoned]
Windows Key + Pause/Break opens up the system panel (Windows) [Atario]
SHIFT + F10 opens up context menu (Windows, like right click) [Atario]
Windows Key + D minimizes/restores everything, just like the bottom right corner [noseminer]
Windows Key + M minimizes everything as well, add SHIFT to undo [voetsjoeba]
Windows Key + E opens an explorer window (not internet, browses folders) [noseminer]
Windows Key + L will lock your computer (go back to profile selection) [noseminer]
Windows Key + R opens the Run command line. [lessobvious]
Windows Key + # (Number) opens the #'th program on your taskbar (Win7) [miscsubbin]
Windows Key + Arrow: [trollus_maximus]
UP maximizes window
RIGHT moves window to right (occupies half the screen)
LEFT does the same but left
DOWN un-maximizes, then minimizes
ALT + SPACE then a letter can maximize/move/close/etc. (underlined letters) [7298529874123]
RIGHT/LEFT can also move window to right/left monitor [spirko]

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