Thursday, June 21, 2012

oracle CEO ellison, 6th richest man in the world, buys lanai, one of the hawaiin islands.
i have seen lanai from maui, where i have family, but never been there.
it used to be a pineapple farm owned by the folks who raise sugar cane on maui.
my thoughts about lanai include that it would be a great place to do banana research.
one of these days the black slime is going to wipe out the cavendish banana, the cultivar most of you know as a banana, and the world needs to be ready with a replacement.
the other thing is that the previous owner reserved the rights to have a wind farm,and i should put him in touch with a guy in knew in school who builds wind farms. i was whale watching off maui and was very impressed by the one windmill they have there. otherwise to get electricty in hawaii they burn diesel, which is expensive and  smoky. with windmills, during the night when there's not much electric being used, you can pump ocean water up the volcano, and then around noon release it to drive generators.

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