Thursday, July 05, 2012

For the past week I've been seeing these ads that say comprehensive STD testing $90 (which is a pretty good deal) but when you click to the site it says the test is $239 (which isn't a good deal, but more importantly raises issues about their honesty or competence, something you want in an STD testing company.) http://getSTDtested.com. I fired off a nastygram, asking that the ads be fixed or pulled, and now "betty" assures me that the company will honor the $90 price. I still don't see any way to enter it that way on the order form, so I am still a bit skeptical, but it's a hint of progress. I hope to update this entry with more developments. I have a pet peeve about false ads, and this one had turned up on every webcomic I've been reading this week.

here's the new ad without the pricing

 here's the ad i found objectionable

Today's ad on my blog: 25% off free printing at moo.com.

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