Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm reading: Robert Caro, Passage to Power, 4th of 5 books in his LBJ bio. $38 plus tax, would have been half that on amazon. I have read the half of the book I was interested in,and will go back and read the part about LBJ's bored depressed vice-presidency later.

Jennifer Government. Suspense, satire, hi-concept science fiction. Had great reviews so I picked up a used copy. It's a world where corporations and marketing rule, and the vestigial government fights for survival. Many of the characters are clueless, but not Jennifer. Books like this are intended as critiques of a market economy, but I'm kind of enjoying its world.

Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix. Picked it up at the hostel for some light reading. It's ok. I had not read the books or seen the movies. Rapture of the nerds already mentioned.

I am not doing the 50 book challenge this year and have only read a handful of books.

I'm not sure what I have accomplished this year. One of my houses burned down, so I've been doing enough medical studies to catch up for that loss, so I will break even for the year. I'm still shopping for a replacement house.I fritter away most of my time on reddit and tumblr.

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