Sunday, October 21, 2012

Howard points to this unusual citation format
"Chief Judge KOZINSKI, disagreeing with everyone:"

More news from howard: The Phelpses lost a round when the 8th circuit en banc overturned a ruling saying a town's anti-funeral-picketing ordinance was unconstitutional. The supreme court -probably- won't take this case, but the Phelpses have won there before. They are the crazy "god hates fags" folks. I've known them for years, been picketed by them, but support their right to be crazy picketers.

And Scalia, giving a talk in Philly about the constitution, got a parking ticket. I don't drive in Philly.
My mom tells me the new Barnes Foundation museum, which controversially relocated to Philly from the suburbs, is nice. It was the first place I remember seeing a Rodan.


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