Monday, October 08, 2012

I'm reading Tynan vs the Peruvian Andes. http://tynan.com/peru
He gets a good deal on a ticket to south america, so he decides to take a hike in the andes.
It reminds me of my stroll up meadow mountain about 3 years ago.
My grandparents got married in 1916 and on their honeymoon climbed Long's Peak, a 14,000 footer near Estes Park. She lived to be 99 and had 16 grandkids and lots of great-grandkids. She would spend the summers at a cabin at Meeker Park at the base of Mount Meeker, and various numbers of us would visit for a week or so, and some of us still go, even now that Uncle Bob died. So my cousin Kristin was training for climbing Long's Peak by walking up Meadow Mountain, and some of us tagged along. I used to live in Boulder County, but I live in Indiana now. I'm writing this from Buffalo NY at the moment, after a day on Greyhounds. I have lost my altitude adjustment. I got altitude sickness and stopped about 200 feet short of the top.

Meadow Mountain
Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location: Colorado, United States, North America
Lat/Lon: 40.17490°N / 105.5705°W
Elevation: 11632 ft / 3545 m

So I can kind of relate to what Tynan would have been going through,  but his story is just beginning and now I'll get back to it.... "Then it starts to hail."

He ends up taking a passing truck instead of walking the last bit,and makes friends on the truck, hot tubs, and gets to macchu pichu which was the goal. he muses about whether to count such adventures as failures or successes. I was pretty close to the top of meadow mountain, and i could have dragged myself up there, but i chose not to, and i'm fine with that choice.

Currently I face some choices. Do I buy the $10,600 house I looked at yesterday? I like the house, but not the block it's on. I used to own three vacant lots on that block.
Do I keep fighting the county treasurer over $1050 that I was overtaxed? I think I do, but it's a choice.
Do I try to come up with around $4,000 to get my law license back, or do i find a way around it, or just let it go? It turns out that I did the paperwork wrong when I let my license lapse a few years ago, and there are fees that keep building up every year that I could have avoided. Should I stay focused on fighting voter ID, or should I go back to working on my political sign cases, or try to do both, or neither? Should I focus more on work, and money, or should I put more effort into trying to date again? Now that I've dropped tumblr, shuld I keep wasting hours on reddit?
I am unsettled on all of this, and not quite sure where I'm heading. I enjoy reading Tynan for his perspective on this kind of stuff. Most of the people I hang out with watch a lot of TV and don't seem to have any goals in life. I used to have goals.

[update added later: tynan asked me to write something further on this topic for his site, and i've done a rough draft, that i'll need to edit a bit before posting.]

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