Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How much is the $200 google chrome laptop?

I don't know. They won't tell you how much tax, shipping and handling is until you actually buy it.

There's probably a back button to cancel the transaction after learning this info, but I've been burned before.

Or, if you want to get it at Best Buy BigBox, you can hurry up and wait, because they don't have it yet. or maybe they do, says this review

This is Google striking at the heart of Microsoft, which if they'd done it 5 years ago would have been news. Microsoft seems to be fading from its once-dominant position.

Still, this is the sort of laptop I would want, I think, and can afford. This laptop still works fine, but not as well as it did a year ago, and having a lighter laptop to carry in my backpack would be a big plus. So I might get one of these and "loan" the current machine to my roommate.

Speaking of machines, I listened again to the guy who was the real Van Wilder tell his story of traveling with the Russian mob, as told to Joe Rogan. Will update with link shortly.

update: it looks like the $200 google chrome laptop is $250 at bestbuy right now.

the $200 one is listed at bestbuy at $200 with free shipping, but shipping unavailable,and not at the stores in my city....

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