Tuesday, February 19, 2013

 what i plan to read on the bus tonight:
what i'm reading now:
killer stiff and tons of money:
seeking history and hidden gems in flea-market america, maureen stanton.

Homeland was very good.  Read it on the bus. I liked the part where our hero stumbles into a tent at burning man, and it's Wil playing D&D with John Gilmore, John Perry Barlow, and Mitch Kapor. Now Mitch to me is just some guy in a suit I heard give a speech in 1992, but John Gilmore I've hung out with three times, including at that 1992 EFF conference, had email once, and he's a friend of my brother's. Barlow I haven't met. I'm Will's obsessed fan. he's introduced me to blogging, to Cory, to reddit and xkcd and half the places I go online.


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