Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A few months ago I tried to buy a HUD house, and the deal fell through over a few hundred in closing costs. They accepted an offer for less than I'd offered, which I suspected but only proved recently. I was steamed about it at the time, because this was government property and they have fiduciary obligations to the taxpayers to take the highest offer. 
But I have learned that the agent who was handling it got fired,
and I suppose I should be content with that.

My last offer had been $11,600, for a 4Br in a prety nice neighborhood near me. When I get back to indy in early August
I'll be closing on a 4Br for $7000. This is to replace my house that burned a year ago. I have a tentative offer on my current house, they are still working on getting pre-qualified from their bank. I don't usually put personal stuff on this blog. I guess it was a post about ethics that seg-wayed into what I'm up to lately.

I've been spending about 8 hours a day catching up my McIntyre project research, beginning to draft complaints although I'm not writing briefs yet. The plan is that, although Talley and McIntyre said that it's unconstitutional for states (or cities, or the FEC) to require a "paid for by _" disclaimer on political literature, pretty much all the states still do, except in a couple where the Attorneys general won't enforce it.

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