Tuesday, July 23, 2013

what i'm reading: take it easy by damon runyon.
i don't think it's online but there's a link to another runyon storybook.
i have read one of these three books at that link, long ago.
they are mostly all the same.

I am in kalamazoo, and to get here i change buses in chicago, so i'm getting to know this one part of chicago, walking distance of union station. i was there on a sunday and there is a vestigal fragment of the old maxwell street market that shows up along jefferson and polk streets,
and i got the runyon and a tom swift and his aeroplane for $4 each from an old black guy with a couple of card tables of good books. most flea markets just put out books at random but this guy knew his merchandize and his market. most of the vendors there these days are hispanic.
as usual i dropped into the polk street pub for a bite. chicago is the only town where i like the sports bars. i was in chicago in 1986 to march to commentorate 100 years since the haymarket martyrs. they wrote a book about our parade, "mob action against the state" i still have a copy somewhere.
i stayed at maxwell street that time, when it was blocks of outdoor card tables selling everything, in the garment district. we were with the anarchist faction,and clashed a bit with the labor history guys, as well as the cops. i lived in colorado at the time and didnt get a very good sense of chicago geography in that one weekend, and i've never found the other neighborhood we stayed in, but it was nice to get a little taste of what maxwell street used to be. and the time before this trip, i figured out how to walk to chinatown from union station; it was on cermak but further east than i'd thought. cermak is named after  chicago mayor who got shot, but i forget who shot him. it's my bedtime now.

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