Sunday, August 04, 2013

HEY, I MET THE INSTA-WIFE THROUGH AN EX-GIRLFRIEND: I Set My Best Friend Up With My Ex. If you choose the people you date well upfront, you’re much more likely to get along with them afterward. And if you do, you know them well enough to set them up with someone suitable. But, of course, that’s still no guarantee.

I met my second girlfriend through my first. That was years ago, and there are no sogns of girlfriend number #3 any time soon. The long term plan involves getting rich and then spending some time walking around asia till I meet a potential spouse, but I'm at least ten years behind on that plan.

My E key is sticking so if som words look lik this, that's why.

It also appars instapundit has added a comments section, which is somewhat earthshattering.

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