Monday, October 21, 2013

what i'm reading: game of thrones.
i want to update this post with the 5? 10? books i've read so far this year, so this is a placeholder for now. i no longer do the 50 book challenge. i read too much online to keep up with offline books.

i have found 20 books i've read at least part of this year, i'll write the list down tomorrow.
i've probably forgotten a few.

1     zoe's tale scalzi
2    my booky wook russel brand
3    fishbait, fishbait miller
4    pure goldwater
5    audacity of hope
6    chauncy m depew, my memories of 80 years
7    homeland cory doctorow
8    the consumerist manifesto
9    silence of the lambs
10  red dragon
11 the 7 pillars of wisdom t e lawrence (re-read)
12 plutarch, greek and roman lives
13 take it easy, damon runyan
14 a couple more by runyan
16 captain vorpatril's alliance
17 john grisham, theodore boone boy detective
18 grisham, an innocent man
19 game of thrones
20 falkinvinge.net/books, swarmwise.
2n I'll find a few more books strewn around my bed when I get home.
21 art of black america
22 a bio of johnny depp
23 re-read a bio of robert b annis. annis was a boy genius inventor whose inventions helped win ww2 and ran his company out of an old mansion next to the first place i rented when i moved to indy. i never met him, i might of might not have seen him out in his yard once or twice, but later i became a bit obsessed with him after dumpster diving 1940s era electronics that the historical society threw away.
24 currently reading a 1983 O Henry Award anthology. so far it's not very good.
25 norstilia, cordwainer smith. bought it today $3 from a literacy program bookstore. it's a classic i havn't read yet. set in the same universe as the ballad of lost c'mell and such as that i probably red years ago.

less i mean fewer than i expected - a few books i might have read half of or don't remember if they were on last years list or books i havent gotten around to reading yet.
i'm not sure i finished stross, wireless. or that one stross and doctorow cowrote, rapture of the nerds. or l neil smith forge of the elders. i did finish game of thrones this morning so i wouldn't have to steal it from work or leave it half-read. there are about 4 more in the series. i feel no need to rush out and buy them but if i run across them used i might pick them up. plan to pirate the series at some point - i've seen one episode, enough to know that it's good, not enough to subscribe to hbo. i'll need to remember to bring some books when i stop back at work next week - they had 100s of movies and 3 books that weren't romances.  i didn't really see any movies in the 3 weeks i was here - caught part of 'i'll give it a year' yesterday, looked ok. about 10 minutes of machete but then someone changed the channel and i didn't feel like a fight. 'machete' kills and 'carrie' are at the theatres now but i don't have a date, or time to kill, and i already saw at movie at the treatre this year, silver linings playbook. i had time to kill that day and saw it at the iconic nichols plaza in kansas city. ender's game is opening.

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