Saturday, November 16, 2013

what i'm reading:
31. The tomato in America.
29, 30. Leaders by Richard Nixon. After leaving office, he wrote a few books, not just memoirs but actual history. Not far enough into it yet but looks good. got it at a local antique shop along with Wollcott's second reader and a book about perrienials. Wolcott was part of the New Yorker set so it Dorothy Parker and Hemmingway and such.

28. autobio of bertrand russell volume 2. very readable. it starts out in wwI england and he's the only pacifist almost. knows everybody. book is padded outwith a bunch of letters Imostly didn't read, soit's short.
27. i.f. stone's the trial of socrates. stone was a respected rabble rousing jounalist. i mix him up with paul krasner. on retirement he wrote this book giving background on socrates and the context of athens. good so far.
26. anonymous rex, a harbboiled detective story about lizard people among us. somthing light to read on the bus. first novel by eric garcia.

my computer is boken, it takes 8 tries to get online. and my backup chromebook seems to have gotten stolen. so i may be offline for a bit while this one isat the shop, or maybe i'll run out to fry's for another.

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