Thursday, December 05, 2013

so nelson mandela died, and the usual tributes are going around, which is fine. but one thing i didn't know till recently, so many people probably don't know, is that mandela is a zulu prince, so becoming the leader of the south african people was just his gig. if his father had been a baker instead, he probably would have been a baker.

I saw an article that tried to use this photo to claim that Mandela supported voter ID. This ignores the pass system of ID's in South Africa that was used to enforce apartheid. In the Sharpeville massacre, government troops opened fire on peaceful demonstrators opposed to the pass system.  At least 70 died, maybe several hundred. This incident is what sparked Mandela to begin armed conflict. Later he turned to non-violence and using political means, and, like Ghandi, obtained official leadership, ballots not bullets. It does not folow from the above Tshirt that Mandela supported voter ID. Maybe he did maybe he didn't, I'd have to do more research.

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