Friday, January 17, 2014

[–]justforworkyeah   ago
"I've been bit! BILL I'VE BEEN BIT! Aren't Platypi poisonous? WE'VE GOT TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW."
"Oh no Steve, they're venomous. Not poisonous. Easy mistake to make."
"Bill, I don't care, there's no time, we have got to go. You've got to get me to the hospital."
"Well Steve, I do care. I think it's an important distinction. You didn't ingest the venom. And if you did you would be fine! You didn't even get bit. It stabbed you with it's spur. You just sound like an idiot at this point."
"Bill I'm dying Bill. I'm dying. I don't care. FINE. The platypi stabbed me with its spur. With its venom. Please take me to the hospital."
"Platypi isn't even a word Steve. The singular is platypus."

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