Sunday, July 05, 2015

My ancestor Jean Bonnet had a tavern around 1780 where the two main roads in western PA meet.
I recently had lunch there and met the new owner. The inn was closed for the 4th of july holiday on my trip back, but I visited with the goats. The inn is mostly famous for being where the Whiskey Rebellion started and ended. A few miles further west Washington PA was getting ready for its Whiskey Rebellion Festival. http://www.whiskeyrebellionfestival.com/
The fireworks were about over by the time I got to Washington, but I saw some in Mt Pleasant.
On the way to Baltimore I'd taken a wrong turn near Mt Pleasant and wound up at an antique store out in the woods, where I haggled for this DuPont dynamite box, a different kind of fireworks. Not a great photo, but you an get the general idea.

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