Monday, December 07, 2015

sunrise in indy yesterday. didn't see it, i don't stay up that late.

I'm testing a new, old, computer. $100, windows 7, feels like 6 pounds of Dell.
I'll probably keep this as a backup machine.  I was headed to a picnic on maui and had my $200 walmart pink laptop in the same compartment of my backpack with some overripe brie, a combination that seemed to have shorted out the on-off switch when the brie exploded.

Just finished Ingrid Bergman's autobiography and am now halfway through William Gibson Zero History. Oh and I read the most recent paperback Grisham on the plane. I have not read 50 books this year but maybe I get together a blog post of 10 or 15 books I've read this year. I spend most of my time online but still get in a book now and then.

update: tuesday's sunset. didn't see that one either.

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