Thursday, January 14, 2016

update found 4 sample chapters of the new book, so i'll have something to read tomorrow while we are sitting at our desks for 4 hours after taking the study pill.



great review of a new book in the miles vorksomethingian saga. this is a book that comes out day after tomorrow but some people have bought the unedited proof or the 3/4 done ebook.
at one point the other 16 books were available free online and i read them, but that offer seems to have gone away. i did download a few other free ebooks from baen books. the room where i am spending 3 weeks has exactly 4 books, two bodice-rippers, a good kid's book i'll read, and a piers anthony Xanth novel I left the last time I was here. I should have kept my william gibson novel to re-read, i left it at the hostel in baltimore as a trade for a book i borrowed there one time.

here's a sample chapter of an earlier book about same main character

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