Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In the past week I've stayed at hostels in Baltimore and St Louis. It's more social than a hotel, and a bit cheaper, but more convenient than couchsurfing.com. Had very different experiences, but a lot in common. Baltimore is a narrow rowhouse with 24 hour staff, free breakfast, laundry, lots of group activities. In St Louis, I was the only guest, and the friendly assistant manager came by to let me in. Hostels International USA is providing some free stays to groups doing volunteer work in the communities near the hostels, and has other volunteer opportunities, so I'm passing on the link.
To search for opportunities near you please enter your zip or city and state in the search box on the volunteer page of our web site: www.hiusa.org/volunteer. 
I am in a medical study in Missouri this month so maybe I'll get to catch up on my blogging a bit.

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