Tuesday, April 19, 2016

this blog interests me. their politics are somewhat the opposite of mine but they make some good points.

interesting insight about social security:
the poor die younger, the rich die older. the result is that the rich collect about 30% more in social security than the poor. somebody could crunch the numbers to show that whites get more for social security than blacks do. i do not know the details of who pays in what.

i have my own anecdote about social security. i have been disabled since 2001. consequently i don't get a paycheck. i'm not complaining, i get by from self-employment. on paper, my self-employment is a wash; everything i make is deductible, so i end up not paying in much to social security via fica.
so they've said that since i'm not paying in, i don't qualify for disability pay. not that i ever applied for it, but they are saying i couldn't if i wanted to. i'm not eligible for disability coverage because i'm disabled. i find this mildly ironic. to somebody else, it could be devastating. i just fall back on my "white privilege" and a bit of hustle. i juggle three small businesses and am comfortable.
but someone else in the same situation could be getting screwed over.

best analogy i've seen today:
"Really, to have the full impact, you have to listen to the entire hearing, because like the thirteenth stroke of a clock, the exchange calls into question all that came before it, including the criticism of the CFPB". 

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