Friday, February 02, 2018

Today I bought a forest.

Well really, it's 1/4 acre of woods. I got outbid on a couple of larger tracts, and we got our bidder numbers late and missed the first 12 pages of the sale. But now I have a place to experiment with planting 100 bristleccone pine that I will get from the arbor day foundation in nebraska.

Then I caught a couple of cases later. As the plaintiff, that is. My part time worker didn't want to go with me to the city county building because he worried he might have a warrant. So I went to the sheriff's office to check. A deputy, tall with orange hair, laughed at me and said they don't do that there, that I could find out my own warrant status but no one else's. So first I found the room in the basement where they do their records and made sure my guy didn't actually have a warrrant. Then I went back to the first place, filed a written public records request, to which they gave an inadequate answer. So I went over to the state office building and talked with a guy at the public records law office, and filed a complaint there. Old habit led me to stop by the election division, where Brad was out and they wouldn't make an appointment,  so I decided to go see Gerry at the secretary of state's office in the state capital building.

Never talk to cops. I was going through the screening process, when the cop asked me where I was going and I said the secretary of state's office. He barred my path and said I needed to go a different state office building. I said, no, been there, that unless they moved it the secretary of state's office is right here (which it was.)
He goes though this like 5 times then grabs my arm at the elbow and starts shoving me out the door. I start yelling things like "Help! That's assault! Call 911!" We go outside, he interrogates me for awhile, I continue to express me desire and right to go through the door he is guarding. So I go see Gerry at the Secretary of State's office; we hadn't met but have a friend in common, short polite visit. I go outside. I call 911 and wait 26 minutes in the cold and an officer comes and takes my statement. She was very professional, but also was a friend of the guy I was filing the complaint with, so I don't expect it will go anywhere. But I at least created a paper trail, in case I want to follow up later. I could write it up as a tort claim.
So two possible cases in one day. 

The thing I was talking to Gerry about involved an earlier tort claim I'd filed, after I was not allowed to vote for Trump in the 2016 primary. 

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