Saturday, January 12, 2019

free software for understanding rodent speech.
i would like to see this get applied to marmots.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

i'm eperiencing  some depression and might update this even less often, becue i should be focusing on my personal life.


Wednesday, January 02, 2019


Monday, December 31, 2018

some how-to videos
excel, chrome, wonder if they have relativity

so for 2019, i could learn some new skills, using youtube.
no,it's a standalone site.


Sunday, December 23, 2018

epic flail:
volokh conspiracy reports that nunchucks are now protected under the 2nd amendment, at least in new york. that's a dispute that's taken 15 years to resolve.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

[Eugene Volokh] Help! We Need a Name for a Series of Short Videos Explaining Free Speech Law
Posted:Fri, 07 Dec 2018 15:16:00 -0500

We've got a grant -- we've finished the first video (under 4 minutes) -- but we need a good title for the whole series.
I'm delighted to say that Reason.tv and I are putting together a series of short videos explaining free speech law. (I write the scripts and provide input on the visuals, which are graphical rather than talking-heads; Reason.tv does the visuals and the audio and provides input on the scripts.) We have a grant to do the first 10, and we're done with the first one.
The series is aimed especially at high school and college students, though we think it should be informative for everyone. But the one thing we're missing a catchy title (at most three words). Any suggestions? We'd love to hear them! Please post them below, or, if you prefer, e-mail me at volokh at law.ucla.edu.

note to self, offer to put video on youtube. i am working with a guy who is looking for content with potential to go viral. update: i was wrong, he's not making $400/mo from videos, he's made $400 total.

Thursday, December 06, 2018







making the mistake of googling myself

Step One: Identify a Niche You Love. The Crazier, The Better

Internet clothing site, everfan.com, isn’t for everyone. But if you’re the right kind of person, it might just be the greatest thing ever. Seriously. They make custom superhero capes in varying sizes and orders. Oh, yeah, and they do eye masks, power bands and more. This isn’t just for kids to pretend to be Batman. Everfan specializes in designing CUSTOM, UNIQUE superhero costumes! Why be Superman when you can be Girl Glorious, master of invisibility? Captain KerPow, cursed with a super punch he can barely control? How about the Arbitrary Aardvark, simultaneously distracting or anonymous depending on the situation?
The company is the brainchild of Scott Chastain, AKA Captain Stretch, a former landscape architect that transformed his love of superheroes into a real business. Everfan offers affordable superhero costumes for parties, Halloween, or general play. With six full time employees, Everfan has transformed from one guy’s crazy business concept into a great job where creating your own superhero identity is part of the hiring process.
LESSON: Identify your passions and think of ways to create a business. If you can, identify something that is currently unfulfilled by people that share your passion.


a pretty good list of self help type books.

Monday, December 03, 2018

johnny cash, by the book
joe walsh tells a story about life's been good

Sunday, December 02, 2018

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RssRtN_HnMA nsfw
he is  survived by a sister lona palmieri.

32 Norwalk Ave Staten Island Ny 10314 Address 

when i heard otto, who was my age, had died, my first thought was i wonder how george is taking it.

i used to live with a character a lot like george, a teddy bear named gummy the bear.

less blue, but similar sarcasm.

my email is still gtbear at gmail, because gt got email before i did, but lets me use his. he lives now in kentucky with my ex.

oral argument in timbs v indiana - the supreme court as a podcast
timbs is the case that will incorporate the 8th amenment's excessive fines clause.

meanwhile this week there was an important 8-0 case about a frog.
roberts held that administrative decisions can be overruled by the court when they are arbitrary and capricious. weyerhauser and other landowners had disputed having their lands designated as frog habitat when the frogs don't live there and can't live there. while narrow, the ruling is a step in the direction of a new lochner era. in lochner, the court found a rule preventing bakers from working over 60 hours was arbitrary and capricious. david bernstein at the volokh conspiracy has written extensively about the case, and i expect we'll be hearing more from the conspiracy on these topics this week.  now my v  key is sticking along with my d key not working - time for a new  laptop.

i am now listening to the timbs argument.
they got in their argument that the privileges and immunities clause is a basis for incorporation. thomas may agree, concurring, so it will be worth watching how many votes he gets. none is possible, 2 would be amazing, anything more than 2 would be revolutionary.
as rick hasen predicted, the big influence of the trump presidency so far has been these two new judges. i think we are in for big changes, either quickly, or more likely slowly. i predict a narrow ruling with 6 to 9 votes, and a concurrence by thomas with an as yet unknown number of votes.

fearless filmmakers is an online community i got invited to  join.
i just had to set up a filter so that their emails dont overrun my inbox, but it's a fun site. will post a link shortly.

arbitrary aardvark
arbitrary aardvark
i'm the arbitrary aardvark. i fight crime. i'm not very good at it. crime usually wins. i use my $109 walmart laptop to make videos to expose voting rights violations and other crimes by public officials. i'm a lawyer, but i'm crazy, so i'm not a good lawyer. i'm an even worse standup at open mike nights in indy. i recently had 1 minute of air time on hbo in a vice segment called lab rat nation.


this article about hepatitis b and woodchucks caught my interest.

i have been an experimental animal used and abused in hepatitis c research. hepatitis c is now curable; the current concern is the high cost and limited availability of the meds. competitition will bring down the cost, according to the principles of austrian economics. reseach i was involved in at abbot/abbvie in waukegan helped get another med on the market.

i was banned from that facility for giving honest feeback about the extreme pain i experienced in a study that involved putting a tube own my nose into the small intestine. i think that was unethical. i was banned from Covance for asking them to follow their own rules, as required by informed consent. losing those two big clients put me in a situation of financial hardship.

i've been able to get a bit of coverage,  not yet enough. chicago magazine reported on  my issues,
while vice  news on hbo showed  a prison once use for human experiements, before introucing me an other lab rats, in a story called lab rat nation.

my family has been friends with a family of woodchucks, yellow-bellied mountain marmots, for 50 years, when my late uncle bob started going to meeker park lodge near estes park colorado. with enough time and enough peanuts, we've learned to coexist. so the groundhog who lives in my shed is an honored guest, not an unwanted pest. recent developments in prairie dog research show that prairie dogs have a highly developed language, for calls such as 'man in orange coat has a gun, 3 o'clock'. my hypothesis is that woodchucks may also use language. as far as i know this has not been studied. machine learning is well suited to such study. computers can hear tones and pitches humans can't, and can operate both faster and slower than human grad students. my modest proposal is that the labs which raise grounhogs for hep b research could outfit them with a collar to listen and analyze groundhog vocal behaviors, and that the drug companies which use the groundhogs can and should fund such research.
at the moment i am posting this to an obscure blog. getting it to the right people would take more work. maybe i should send this to maggie at boingboing, or to national geographic, which published my uncle bob's astronomy pictures, taken up in the mountains where we got to know the marmots.





Saturday, December 01, 2018


i've been trying to track down the cosigners of my amicus in crawford.
this one's dead.


Friday, November 30, 2018

2017-2018 Civil Legal Aid Fund Distributions

ProviderAmounts July 2017 and January 2018Annual Amount
Center for Victim and Human Rights$26,212.17$52,424.34
Disability Legal Services of Indiana$26,212.17$52,424.34
District 10 Pro Bono Commission, Inc.$16,000.30$32,000.60
Elkhart Legal Aid Service, Inc.$5,667.92$11,335.84
Indiana Legal Services, Inc.$345,670.80$691,341.60
Indianapolis, Legal Aid Society, Inc.$46,417.49$92,834.98
Law School Legal Services, Inc.$26,212.17$52,424.34
Legal Aid - District Eleven, Inc.$13,409.04$26,818.08
Legal Aid Corporation of Tippecanoe County$5,518.35$11,036.70
Legal Aid Society of Evansville, Inc.$10,279.22$20,558.44
Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic$165,750.30$331,500.60
Volunteer Lawyer Network, Inc.                                             $29,017.18$58,034.96
Volunteer Lawyer Program of Northeast Indiana, Inc.$29,672.59          $59,345.18
Whitewater Valley Pro Bono Commission, Inc.$3,960.00$7,920.00
 wait, what? the neighborhood christian legal clinic is government funded? that would seem to violate the church state parts of the state constitution.
this is the group that got me my expungement.
the reason i was looking at this list is to find counsel for any cases involving palafox, or h + h more generally.

Argument analysis: Court appears ready to rule that Constitution’s bar on excessive fines applies to the states

this is a landmark case either way it goes. incorporation doctrine is a key issue of what the constitution means. and it's about indiana - white guys on drugs are so many of my neighbors here on e washington street, the national road as it passes thru indy. and it's by the institute for justice which has been waging a campaign to bring economic rights under the constitution. i am a rabid fan of ij so my coverage is biased.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

til the black dalhia murder might have solved - by the killer's son.
the guardian is not the world's most reputable source, but that doesn't make it per se wrong.

Dear PGP Participants,

Many sequencing providers are offering promotions on their usual rates for genomic products, so we've compiled a short list of reputable companies with links to their offers. We hope this helps in your goals for self-knowledge and health (and maybe even gift-giving!)

If you then decide you would like to donate your data to the PGP, it would be a boon to the project and to your fellow human. Additional genomic data, along with the associated medical records and phenotype information from surveys, increases the usefulness of the project for researchers and citizen scientists, and helps contribute to the PGP mission of accelerating biomedical progress for all.

The Harvard PGP Staff

23&Me has temporarily halved the cost of their ancestry product, to $49.

African Ancestry offers $25 off each kit with the purchase of 2 or more.

Ancestry is offering their membership for $59 instead of $99.

Family Tree DNA has discounts on multiple products.

Helix has a $49 offer for whole exome sequencing.

Nebula Genomics has a $99 promotion for 1x whole genome sequencing.

Veritas Genetics will be offering their MyGenome product (30x whole genome sequencing) normally $999, for $199 to the first 1000 customers, starting tomorrow, Monday, 9 AM ET.

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Sunday, November 25, 2018


my sister in law's father - i guess he was an inlaw and an outlaw - published a newsletter on maui many years ago, and got harrased by the mayor for it.
many years later, the fbi files on the case are turning up as a result of a freedom of information act request. i am about to read the article by the journalist who made the request. it was good, and ties into a bigger investigation of corruption and power on maui.
it reminds me of the time  i did an amicus for a guy who was wrongfully arrested in charksburg west virginia for publishing criticism of the mayor.

http://www.hawaii.edu/dl/psprograms go to school in hawaii without leaving home. i got my BA from western illinois u ["western'll annoy you"] while working as a teamster in missouri, so  could go to law school.
 coul apply for the sjd program at hawaii, but it's not an online program.


i did end up getting to this church this morning.just hitchhiked back.
this journey starte when we saw henry road - all th eother roas have hawaiin names. henry was a kid who wrote down the hawain language and translated genesis. he iie young but his siekick tommy brought back a shiploa of missionaries and soon the island was christian, but in a way that incorporated the native belief system.

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