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Danes start to bid farewell to late Denmark prince.


 An article about Snow Bears, 

"Snow bears down on Northeast; record warmth to follow."

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The article in Sinar Harian featured bullet points of supposedly distinctive qualities that revealed LGBT people. They stated that gay men were easy to identify because of their love of beards, going to the gym – not for exercise but to check out other men – and branded clothing. Their eyes light up when they see handsome men, the article said.

I haven't been to the gym in years. I should fix that.

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details unconfirmed.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HtiAGe4V2s wagner instrumentals.

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Reprinted from Albert H. Smyth, ed., The Writings of Benjamin Franklin … (10 vols., New York, 1905–07), v, 405–6.7

I happen to know more than most people do about the gunpowdder industry during and after the revolutionary war. But I had forgotten Ben Franklin knew Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, and encouraged him to move to america. The dupont company prospered, became a major munitions manufacturer known as the "merchants of death". It was found to have monopolized the industry in restraint of trade, and was busted up into hercules, atlas and dupont, during teddy roosevelt.
Koppel's 2nd Amendment amicus brief to the Supreme Court discusses whether there is a right to commerce in arms, and what the founders thought.

He mentions Franklin's efforts to promote the gunpowder industry.
There's a potential law review article there for someone. i am grateful to professor paul durbin for allowing me to spend his research funds on reading about ps the 1st. Pierre Samuel the second founded General Motors, and Pierre Samuel "Pete" IV was governor of delaware when I met him circa 1976. 

London, June 15, 1772.

Dear Sir,
I am much obliged to you for introducing me to the Knowledge of Mr. le Marquis d’Ecrammeville, who appears a very amiable Man, with an excellent Understanding.

Abraham Mansword’s Advice to his Countrymen is very good. I hope they will have more of it.8
Pray inform me by a Line, whether M. Le Roy has paid for the Ephemerides in my Behalf.9 If not, I will upon Sight discharge the amount, by paying your Draft upon me. And I request they may be continually sent me as long as you are concern’d in them.
Go on to do good with your inlighten’d Pen, and by instructing them and inciting them to Virtue deserve well of Mankind and of their common Father. With sincere and great Esteem, I am, my Dear Friend, Yours most affectionately,

7The letter, according to Smyth, was in the possession of Colonel H. A. DuPont; but it has not been located in either the Winterthur or Eleutherian Mills collections.
8The advice was revolutionary. Abraham Mansword was the nom de plume of Barbeu-Dubourg, who ostensibly translated two letters from a Philadelphian in the Pa. Chron. but actually composed them himself. The first discussed the fundamental laws, the second the constitution, that the American colonies should adopt when they became a federal republic. Ephémérides du citoyen, ou bibliothèque raisonnée des sciences morales et politiques, [v] (1771), tome 11, 76–112; tome 12, 7–45. These letters are described and summarized by Alfred O. Aldridge, who resurrected them from obscurity, in “Jacques Barbeu-Dubourg, a French Disciple of Benjamin Franklin,” APS Proc.xcv (1951), 366, 369–75. Dubourg’s assumption of impending American independence, as Aldridge points out, was remarkable in 1771; equally remarkable was bf’s attitude toward it.
9See Barbeu-Dubourg to bf above, May 31, and bf to du Pont de Nemours below, Aug. 12.

The letter goes on to say that a young man named Dupont, and the Abbé Baudeau are the priucipal apostles of the school. This M. Dupont de Nemours was, through his life, Franklin's intimate friend, and the Abbe Baudeau appears again and again in the correspondence. He visited Franklin in 1772.

Silence Dogood

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Silence Dogood Essay in New England Courant
Mrs. Silence Dogood was a pen name used by Benjamin Franklin to get his work published in the New-England Courant, a newspaper founded and published by his brother James Franklin. This was after Benjamin Franklin was denied several times when he tried to publish letters under his own name in the Courant. The 14 Mrs. Silence Dogood letters were first printed in 1722.

Americans did everything possible to defeat the British suppression of arms commerce. Benjamin Franklin masterminded arms and gunpowder imports from other countries. All forms of domestic production were strongly encouraged. - EV's latest 2nd A brief.

This gets me wondering if Franklin was involved in recruiting the dupont family to come to the philadelphia area.
To cite this article: Denis I. Duveen F.R.I.C. & Herbert S. Klickstein M.D. (1955)
Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790) and Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (1743–1794), , 11:4, 271-302, DOI: 10.1080/00033795500200295 To link to this article: https://doi.org/10.1080/00033795500200295


the article goes on to say that franklin and pierre samuel dupont were friends, and franklin also knew levosier. there are letter to each. it won't let me cut and paste the text i need.

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linda ronstadt's version of willey nelson's crazy, made famous by patsy cline.

How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets ...

How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life Hardcover – July 17, 2012. ... In this thoroughly updated third edition of his immensely popular guide How to Be Invisible, J.J.... How to Be Invisible: The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Personal….

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[–]momma_of_ratties 5 points  
Here are a few of my favorites, not in any particular order.
  1. Spicy Potato Curry (I only use half of the amount of spices that they list in the recipe. Depends how you deal with spicy food) (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/165190/spicy-vegan-potato-curry/)
  2. Scrambled Tofu, which I usually make with homefries. (http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/the-best-tofu-scramble-362458#activity-feed)
  3. Black Bean Chili (I omit the dairy and cheese at the end.)(https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/vegetarian-black-bean-chili-230632)
  4. Lasagna. (I add roasted broccoli to this recipe) (https://www.hummusapien.com/skinny-vegan-lasagna/)

No crude missions for the falcon heavy says elon.


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John Perry Barlow died today, 71, cofounded eff. I think mitch kapor and john ... it'll come to me, the guy who invented .alt and was #3 at Sun... friend of my brother's.. gilmore. founded paperplease.org.
I think JPB was with the greatful dead at one point.

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Dow ends turbulent day up 567 points

Buddy rich and jerry lewis drumming,


They do that reveal trick I liked in Jersey Boys, where the curtain opens and there's an orchestra.


along comes mary, on the smothers brothers show, the machine introducion.

not to be confused with the machine, bert kreischer. of bertbertbert.com.

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out with the out crowd

http://unitednuclear.com/ mad science stuff.



Isle of Dogs looks like it will have an interesting animation style.

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I'm just finding this out. I was busy friday and the sunday paper did not mention it.

Update well monay was fun.

On the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the 1,175-point decline was the worst in the index's history since 1896 in point terms. Monday's drop easily eclipsed the 777-point decline on Sept. 29, 2008, at the onset of the financial crisis.

a word from our sponsor: I have one of these for sale. Poor condition, missing a side panel. I expect to get it serviced and cleaned this week. Comes with 3 boxes of Illy coffee pods. I'm flexible about price, willing to trade for anything interesting. Pics avail. soonish.

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The heineken ad was the best part of this TED talk.

Drew Barrymore, grandchild of John Barrymore, married, her third, Coco Chanel's son.
I don't usually cover the social register, but this seemed worth noting.

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Today I bought a forest.

Well really, it's 1/4 acre of woods. I got outbid on a couple of larger tracts, and we got our bidder numbers late and missed the first 12 pages of the sale. But now I have a place to experiment with planting 100 bristleccone pine that I will get from the arbor day foundation in nebraska.

Then I caught a couple of cases later. As the plaintiff, that is. My part time worker didn't want to go with me to the city county building because he worried he might have a warrant. So I went to the sheriff's office to check. A deputy, tall with orange hair, laughed at me and said they don't do that there, that I could find out my own warrant status but no one else's. So first I found the room in the basement where they do their records and made sure my guy didn't actually have a warrrant. Then I went back to the first place, filed a written public records request, to which they gave an inadequate answer. So I went over to the state office building and talked with a guy at the public records law office, and filed a complaint there. Old habit led me to stop by the election division, where Brad was out and they wouldn't make an appointment,  so I decided to go see Gerry at the secretary of state's office in the state capital building.

Never talk to cops. I was going through the screening process, when the cop asked me where I was going and I said the secretary of state's office. He barred my path and said I needed to go a different state office building. I said, no, been there, that unless they moved it the secretary of state's office is right here (which it was.)
He goes though this like 5 times then grabs my arm at the elbow and starts shoving me out the door. I start yelling things like "Help! That's assault! Call 911!" We go outside, he interrogates me for awhile, I continue to express me desire and right to go through the door he is guarding. So I go see Gerry at the Secretary of State's office; we hadn't met but have a friend in common, short polite visit. I go outside. I call 911 and wait 26 minutes in the cold and an officer comes and takes my statement. She was very professional, but also was a friend of the guy I was filing the complaint with, so I don't expect it will go anywhere. But I at least created a paper trail, in case I want to follow up later. I could write it up as a tort claim.
So two possible cases in one day. 

The thing I was talking to Gerry about involved an earlier tort claim I'd filed, after I was not allowed to vote for Trump in the 2016 primary. 

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