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The good news is unemployment is down to 5.3%, lowest since the 2008 crash.
But that's because so many people have left the labor market.
I may, or may not, start half-heartedly looking for work this year.
Next I will check the stats for Indiana. 5.0 in April. "dropped to 5.1 in may" :)

http://imgur.com/gallery/y6aIx  200 calories per photo


there's some drama going on at reddit as /u/chooter was fired, and some of the site has gone dark in protest. buzzfeed has nothing on it, but i did find the above story. ah here we go.


update: it has a name, AMAgeddon.
update: reddit also fired Santa.

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http://davidsimon.com/ from the guy who wrote the book The Wire is based on.


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british history quickly.

ij gvr.


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fun color quiz


homemade vegan nutella howto.

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Police reminded the public to not approach wildlife because they can be dangerous and unpredictable when frightened.

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https://coursmos.com/free-registration thousands of free online classes

Enjoy 30,000+ of free micro-courses and start your education

The Autobiography of A Supertramp

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http://www.dorfonlaw.org/2015/06/a-judges-judge.html posner article

word for the day : muntin

In 2015, the summer begins with the solstice on June 21 at 12:38 P.M. EDT. This year, Father's Day is also celebrated on the 21st!

I guess i'll need to find a bonfire to jump through or something.

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mayo is a challenge for me. now that we have chickens, i'll have eggs. need to see if we have one of these blenders.

meta pop song


What's your secret for being so positive all the time, Arnie??
[–]GovSchwarzenegger 2035 points x2 
What do I have to be negative about?
If you're looking for more, my recipe: Do something you love - be passionate about your work. Take care of your body. Never stop learning and challenging yourself.
If you do those three things, you eliminate most complaints - about your job and your health. And you won't be bored. If you are always challenging yourself, you're always climbing the mountain, so there is nothing to be negative about because it is a work in progress. You can't be negative about unfinished business. I guess if there is a secret it is don't ever reach the peak. Always stay hungry.



The Other Other Major Supreme Court Cases This Term

Thursday, June 18, 2015

word for the day: grexit.

[–]zannymb [S] 31 points  
The question of whether Greece should stay inside the euro or leave is a tough one-and is the subject of our cover editorial this week. It is still my view that both Greece and the rest of the euro zone would be better off if they stayed in, but that will demand both more reform from the Greeks and debt reduction from the creditors. Grexit is not an easy solution. It will devastate the Greek economy in the short term; even in the longer run the gains from a big devaluation are easily exaggerated. Greece will only prosper if it frees up its still-rigid economy and overhauls its clientilist state, whether or not it is inside the euro.
- editor of the economist

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Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

it's true but misleading.

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