Monday, February 24, 2003

Note to self:
I really should add AG#/David Lat's http://www.abovethelaw.com/ to the blogroll.

A personal note to readers if any: I notice I hadn't blogged here in 10 days, although there were a few updates to the previous post. My election law blog is even deader, just meeting the minimum one post per month I promised when I started it, before I spun off this blog for not-so-election-law posts.
I suspect I could build an even more popular blog by including sex and celebrity gossip, which are outside the scope of this blog, the prior entry about anna nicole excepted.
I'm not the only one suffering from blogger burnout - this year has seen a handful of the better bloggers retire.
Various reasons - some blogs, like this one, fail to find an audience,and the lack of constructive feedback makes the whole thing seem futile.
One of the reasons I'm still here after a few years is that this blog has become my personal portal... from here I log into email, news sources, blogger, my webcomic, a few blogs I follow, some useful links.
Another reason is that it is a way to avoid doing real work... I have a very strong work avoidance drive.
It's been an interesting ten days. Monday I was fired from my latest temp assignment. I "didn't fit in", by which I think they mean I wasn't comfortable in the hostile racially-charged work environment. By Monday afternoon I'd picked up another gig, helping my roommate recycle steel on contract with a computer recycling outfit some friends of mine recently took over. [Hmmm.. the new blogger has some built in grammar/spell check.. that's useful.] Last night I checked in with my friend the Jewelry Doctor, because I wanted to borrow his non-profit ID number for a project.
He bought me dinner, told me about how much money he's making off some land I sold him, and offered me a job at a sign business he'll be starting, at some other land I sold him,and expressed interest in buying a few more lots from me.
Monday morning I have an interview at Eli Lilly for a small contract gig that if I get it will pay the rent this year, and could lead to a few more such gigs per year.
Tuesday morning I have an interview for a part time medical courier position, something I have experience in. Thursday night a couple of guys tried to mug me,and I just walked away impatiently; they didn't follow. I guess I'm developing some street smarts after ten years in the neighborhood. I was still shaken by it. Elsewhen this week I interviewed for and didn't get a job on a Hawaii cruise line,and went to a job fair where I picked up 5 solid leads if I remember to follow through.
Judge Posner denied my motion to submit an amicus brief in the Indiana Voter ID case, in which a motion for rehearing en banc is pending to reconsider Posner's erroneous decision in that case. I've made no progress on the two urgent projects that face tight deadlines in my two active cases. So blogging hasn't been my highest priority.
Note: this post is a continuation of a post written 2/24/2007, and was not written in 2003.. just needed to put it somewhere.
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And here's my next longish rant post that I moved to the archives, after the archives started working fine again:

Saturday, February 24, 2007
Oh well this is great.
Recently blogger changed its format from "old blogger" to "new blogger".
I didn't know exactly what the changes were.
But I noticed today I can't seem to access any of the archives.
I'll look into it later, but it reminds me I don't have this blog backed up anywhere.
if its gone, it's gone.
I don't think the posts are gone; it's some kind of indexing problem.
But one more hassle I didn't need to day.
I'm sorting through my meatspace folders of hassles, sorting out which are cases, which are bills, which are jobs leads, which are tax documents, etc.
I am an organizationally challenged person with a serious work avoidance problem, and I'm here trying to get caught up on at least one of the two pressing work deadlines.
Losing my blog archives would not make this a better day.
maybe they'll be back next time I look.
I was trying to do one of this "link to read the rest of this long rant" links for the prior post, which turned into a longish rant. The only way I know to do that is to change the date and bury it in the archives somewhere. But the archives were gone. So for now, the rant stays as is and you get this bonus rant too.
Can't spend all day messing with my blog. I have three and half hours of library time to revise a document I'd like to file Monday.

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