Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I notice I haven't blogged here much at all for a couple of months.
Excuses excuses: some juvenile deliquents in my neighborhood decided it was aardvark season, so i've been using my martial arts skills, which consist mostly of running and hiding. Philadelphia, Milwaukee, anywhere they wouldn't think to look for me. I leave out most of the details - if I told all of what's happened, no one would believe me. It's been exhiliarating, in a what doesn't kill me makes me stronger sort of way. Spent today getting last minute CLE credits to keep my law license, which is why i'm back in town. To do: find cheap apartment. get carry permit.
At the CLE, I made a new client. Well, i ran into an old client, and explained to him why he doesn't need to pay the $1000 they fined him - he'd already paid $600 of it. Getting the $600 back will be tricky.

thinking out loud:
(this post will disappear shortly)

here's a blog i'm enjoying: Letters of Marque http://blog.qiken.org/
Letters of Marque - does that mean she's a privateer?
Bond. Heidi Bond.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

A new reliable source: www.claywhittaker.com

Monday, December 22, 2003

Red square.
Inside the beltway blog map.

Friday, December 19, 2003

What we do for fun around here:
An hour commute to go downtown to get some police reports.
They wouldn't let me into city hall. They wanted to search my wallet,
and had no written authority to do so, so I stormed off in a huff.
So instead I spent awhile reading briefs in lochner, valeo, and ingraham.
And I went to the mall.

Yesterday it was the state rather than the city:
I went in person to try to find the legal department of the bmv.
They refused to make an appointment for me, refused to give their names.
I submitted a written request for hearing.
(update:underlying issue is resolved; have a driver's license again.)

Monday, December 15, 2003

They just installed the cable modem where i'm holed up for the winter.
I'm catching up on blogs, and found this quotable:

Foul language is like saffron, vermouth, or sea salt: A light and fearless touch adds flavor and edge that can be gotten in no other way, though a heavy hand is oppressive. - Will Baude.

My fave case on the F-word is Price v. Indiana. On New Years Eve Colleen Price said to the cop, F__ You, I wasn't doing anything wrong. She was busted for disturbing the peace. The Indiana Supreme Court found that this was protected political speech. Unfortunately, the case just lies there - the court rarely applies its own precedent. E.g. Majors v. Abell.

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