Wednesday, September 22, 2004

billable hourshttp://volokh.com/archives/archive_2004_09_21.shtml#1095821302
Feds seeking $61K from alleged call girl
No charges filed against Stanford Law graduate who lived in Oakland
Federal prosecutors argue the government should keep $61,000 in cash seized from an Oakland woman who allegedly worked as a high-priced call girl to repay student loans from her time at Stanford Law School.
Court documents detail how agents sifted through trash, conducted surveillance, interviewed clients and a colleague, pored over tax returns and surfed the Internet to build a case for keeping money seized from Cristina Schultz, 31 — who they say used the name "Brazil" and charged $1,300 for two hours.
But all jokes about the declining value of a Stanford law degree aside, Schultz hasn't been charged with a federal crime.
. . .
Schultz's Web site remained active this week, registered in her name to her former address in Palo Alto; she moved to an apartment overlooking Oakland's Lake Merritt in September 2002, but a security guard at the building Friday said Schultz no longer lives there.
The Web site, depicting her in various lingerie-clad poses, describes her as a "Portuguese-speaking entertainer and physical model.
"The quintessential Gemini, I am an unusual mix of well-educated good-girl and erotic-Bachian-sensualist, with some down-to-earth sweetness thrown in," it says. "I am sure you will never forget any time you spend with me and I look forward to meeting you soon.".
. . . .
The government's forfeiture complaint filed in July says Schultz operated an interstate prostitution business since at least August 2001 — three months after earning her degree at Stanford Law School — by charging up to $1,300 for two hours, $5,000 for overnight and $15,000 for three days to serve clients in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago and Seattle..
The complaint says investigators in September 2002 searched trash put out from Schultz's Palo Alto apartment, recovering items such as a law book containing $2,400 in $100 bills; bills and invoices from Washington, D.C., hotels; business cards in the name of "Brazil;" condoms; invoices for large cash purchases; tax records; an admission card for the July 2001 California Bar Exam; and a promotional postcard from a Southern California woman.
$2400 in the trash. i thought i was doing well to find $30 in the trash behind an armoured car business, and a $2 bill in a book in a dumpster.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

today included two hours in BMV hell.
but i can drive again, a guy is working on the car now,
i have net access again, i got a job, i'll have my teamster's card again,the annoying deadbeat
roommate is moving out, i wrote letters to mom and ex-wife, i bought some books at used bookstore, so overall a good day.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

it's a comic, made with real stuffed animals.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

blogger is acting up on some new blogs i've created, so this is a quick test to see if posting is as usual on an existing blog. ok, it's a blogger-wide problem and not something wrong with the new blog. i'll wait for it to go away.
new blog deals with lake tahoe, and issues of takings and land use regulation.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

newish blog:
one of my clients in majors was perry metzger.
found out tonight he has a blog.
it's pretty good if you like transhumanist extropian memes.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Here's an actual post:
Via volokh, this seems to be a clever parody of something, possibly swift boat veterans.
At the risk of giving away the joke, it's about bush, was a he really a harvard cheerleader?
The eerie paralells between jfk and jfk - kennedy and kerry - crop up again.
I'm reading "the search for kennedy."
It turns out the kennedy legend of john being a pt boat hero were mostly manufactured by his dad's press agent. His boat got run over by a japanese ship. Instead of going down with the ship, he swam to shore, after saving a wounded crew member. Ok, he's a good swimmer.
So the 1960 contest for the democratic nomination is not one between john kennedy and evil genius lbj. It is between evil genius joe kennedy senio and evil genius lbj, and at some point they cut a deal and join forces, so they can defeat evil genius nixon.
There is a hint, on p 400 something, that Joe wrote his memoirs, but they were not published because they would be embarrasing to John. That's from a book in 1974. So, were the joe kennedy memoirs ever published? Are they still around? Could they be published now?
A few months ago, maybe last winter, a friend of mine died. It was known he had left some kind of book or diary. I spent some time persuading his nephew to allow web publication of that material. I don't have a url, but it's been posted privately on a discussion board we are on.
Some chapters written by my friend, others by his boyfriend, who had died a couple years earlier, who i knew, but not as well.
A lost robert heinlein novel was found in a box in a garage last year. It's not that good, from what I hear - there are reasons novels get lost. But it has meaning to those of us who scarf up every drop of heinlein we can find - www.heinleinsociety.org and also to those of us who see a connection between his ideas and those of ayn rand.
So, finding and publishing joe kennedy's memoirs - that would help make my mark.
Buried treasure. Maybe it's already been done. I haven't even googled for it.
So i'm still, slowly and casually, reseaching lbj's presidential years, following the model of Robert Caro. In a caro bio, you don't start with your subject. you find your subject's enemy, find out who his grandfather was, and tell that story, in 50 pages or so.
So a bio of johnson's presdiential years would include material on john kennedy, joe kennedy, john fitzgerald. the book i'm reading tells part of that story, tells it well, ands my bath water is hot, so i'll wrap this up. -30-.

Why I don't post here much lately:

This blog is on semi-hiatus.
By that I mean, I just don't post here much.
I used to have a reader, maybe only the one, but a good one.
If I'd gotten comments working, I might have had more feedback.
Right now, I am depressed. Maybe that's just from not enough sleep.
But I've been dealing with depression at least since i was 17,
and probably longer.
Self medication is not an option right now, and I haven't found a shrink to work with
(what with being broke) or a drug that helps.
I should be all cheered up right now, because I had a great call from a close friend ..
oh, ok that's why i don't post here much lately...
al my current writing is about me, and how depressed I am, and this isn't the blog for that. I do that blogging at myspace.com, arbitraryaardvark, for a few of my myfriends.
This blog was supposed to be about ideas, memes floating around in the blogosphere.
Another reason is that my access to computers is a little iffy - i might lose the dsl and have a wait before i get cable or - the horror! - have to get by on dialup for a little while.
Another reason is that my energy level is low.
Another reason is that I have pressing concerns in the so-called real world.
Among other things, I need a job.
So, on the off chance anyone is reading this and has an opening for a slightly used lawyer,
who used to be a pretty good dishwasher and a so-so headwaiter and an ok janitor,
I am available. I am in indianapolis. Willing to relocate, given a living wage that makes relocation feasible.
Ordinarily, I have a strong work ethic, lousy people skills, and am organizationally challenged.
Right now the work ethic comes and goes - give me work to do, and I think it would come back;
here, no work, few prospects, it is hard to get started. I am going to go read in the bath and maybe go back to bed.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

blog: 4 letter word?

a comment i made on heidi bond's blog.
Blogs are strange that way. For most of us, there isn't enough of an audience to make it worth keeping up unless we write for that audience of one. A few superbloggers like heidi tony and will attain critical mass where they have regular readers and steady positive feedback. But they aren't wholly private either.I've had text from my work-related blog wind up quoted in an influential newsletter, generating a peeved call from opposing counsel.
Yesterday I got email with well-intentioned advice from a stranger who had read my myspace blog, where I mostly whine about my miserable life, because i find writing about it helps me work through things and get on with life.
I knew of a guy, jim bell of seattle, who went to jail after writing an academic treatise about killing people, that he had posted to the net."assasination politics" was a rather interesting elaboration of robin hanson's ideas about idea futures. the formal charges weren't about what he wrote, but what he wrote seems to have kicked off the investigation that resulted in his being jailed.
I agree with you that your blog here reflects well on your character and reputation capital ('wuffie' as cory doctorow of eff and boing-boing puts it in 'down and out in the magic kingdom, www.craphound.com/down.)It provides for icebreakers about chickens.
If asked, i could tell you the story of a woman who became an ostrich lawyer.
I do not know if there is a lot of chicken-related litigation, but you could own that niche. Perhaps if you asked your readers to send you interesting cases about chickens, you could build an open source restatement of chicken law, and professor froomkin would be likely to cite it in a footnote, and your professional reputation would be assured.
Does anybody have a good online treatise about cow law? In McIntyre v. Ohio, Justice Ginsburg, concurring, said, "In for a calf is not in for a cow", and I've spent years battling with the "reform" community about what that means, but lacked a good source of cow quotes.

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